How to Delete Poshmark Account Easily

Poshmark accounts may be deleted using the PC or mobile app, but before doing so, you must make sure there are no outstanding transactions or redeemable balances.

Have you ever wanted to delete your Poshmark account but were unsure how to do it? Then you should read this manual. The methods to delete your Poshmark account are shown below.

Poshmark is a well-known online store where most of us may buy and sell clothes, accessories, purses, shoes, cosmetics, and dresses.

Nevertheless, if you decide it’s time to stop using Poshmark, move your business elsewhere, or bid farewell to the world of spending hours browsing for cheap designer goods, you’ll need to delete your Poshmark account.

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How to Delete Poshmark Account

Poshmark accounts can be deleted using the PC or mobile app, but you must first make sure that there are no outstanding balances or refundable transactions on your account.

Also, you must make sure that all sold goods have been cleared for delivery and that any profits have been paid out.

As soon as you are finished, log onto the Poshmark website or mobile app to delete your account.

How to Delete Poshmark Account on Computer

Locate the account tab after signing in to your Poshmark account. The circle that contains your profile photo is it.
Choosing Account Settings A left-side Menu should be shown on the newly generated page.
Go to Manage Account Status and click.
To delete your account, click the link.
A pop-up window asking for your confirmation to delete the item should appear. Your mail will get a message asking you to confirm. Once you enter the code, your account should be promptly deactivated.

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How to Delete Posmark Account on iPhone/Android

Follow these steps to delete your Poshmark account from your iPhone or Android device:

Log into your account by using the Poshmark app.
At the lower right corner, next to your profile photo, click the Account tab.
Choose Poshmark Help Center by scrolling down.
Choose Manage Account Status from here.
To delete your account, click the link.
A pop-up will ask you to approve the deletion procedure, and you’ll receive a verification code in the mail or on your phone. Type the code in.
After selecting your reason for deletion, click on “Delete my Account” to proceed.
Now your account ought to be removed.

Final Observations

It is important to note that contacting Poshmark Help directly to request that your account be deleted is probably ineffective since they anticipate that you will do the actions listed above.

I sincerely hope that this post on how to delete a Poshmark account was useful. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments and I’ll do my best to respond.

Questions and Answers

If I delete my Poshmark account, what will happen?

Your account information will be removed from Poshmark’s servers if you delete your account. Your account and items are no longer available on Poshmark, and you no longer get mail.

Can I create a new Poshmark account if I delete my current one?

Yes. Even if you used the same email address for your prior account, you are able to delete your Poshmark account and open a new one. That is an easy process, therefore there shouldn’t be any issues.


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