GameRankings was a website that gathered user reviews of video games based on online and offline polls in order to get a score that was calculated using reviews from other publications. Not all of the rankings that were linked to from GameRankings’ website were included in this, just those from sources that the authors considered reliable and significant.

The index had more than 240.000 reviews for more than 14,500 videogames. The game that debuted on the Nintendo Wii, Super Mario Galaxy, has the highest rating among titles with at least 20 reviews, with an average rating of 97,64% across 78 reviews.[1]

Beginning in 2008, GameRankings was a part of CBS Interactive.[2] The website shut down in December 2019, shifted its focus to the rival website Metacritic, and announced that the GameRankings contributors would now work for Metacritic.


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