Download Free Shutterstock Images Without Watermark

Are you tired of scouring the internet for free photographs to utilize for your projects? Try Shutterstock Downloader, which lets you download free Shutterstock images without a watermark. Shutterstock is the ideal place to get high-quality, expert photographs, but what if those annoying watermarks impair their beauty? So, do not worry! Downloading any Shutterstock picture without the obtrusive watermark has never been simpler than using the Shutterstock Downloader tool! With this ground-breaking new tool, bid farewell to unimpressive stock photographs and welcome to amazing graphics. Let’s get started!

A well-known website for stock photos, Shutterstock has an excellent collection of high-quality pictures for artistic endeavors. Unfortunately, many of their photographs include watermarks, which may not always be the best.

Fortunately, there are free tools and techniques available that let consumers acquire watermark-free Shutterstock photographs. In this post, we’ll look at many ways to get free, watermark-free Shutterstock photos.

What is Shutterstock?

With its headquarters in New York City, Shutterstock is an American company that offers stock photos, video, audio, and editing tools. The firm, which was established in 2003 by programmer and photographer Jon Oringer, is run and owned by its customers. Around 200 million royalty-free stock images, vector drawings, and illustrations, along with 10 million licensed audio tracks and video clips, may be found in Shutterstock’s huge collection.

Graphic designers, creative directors, video editors, filmmakers, web developers, and other creative professionals all over the globe rely on it as a major worldwide distributor of high-quality licensed pictures, films, and music. Shutterstock was created to provide companies of all sizes and creative professionals from all backgrounds with unmatched content and cutting-edge tools on a single platform. Shutterstock’s material is used by companies, marketing consultancies, media outlets, you name it, for numerous creative initiatives.

An extensive collection of top-notch, royalty-free images, vectors, drawings, videos, motion graphics, and music can be found on Shutterstock. By downloading assets directly from trusted sources (like download buttons), users may get a legitimate license from Shutterstock.

To accommodate various licensing and workflow requirements, custom plans with flexible license choices are also offered. Additionally, Shutterstock provides a remarkable customer support center with FAQs and knowledge base articles accessible 24/7 to rapidly and properly respond to inquiries.

It’s critical to be aware that Offset, a selected collection of stock photos from premier commercial and editorial photographers that can be bought with a royalty-free license, is another service provided by Shutterstock. Customers may choose to pay for individual photographs or purchase packs of images.

Why does Shutterstock add a watermark on images?

Protection of Intellectual Property: Watermarks are used to prevent unlawful use and distribution of Shutterstock’s copyrighted photos without the appropriate licence. This ensures that photographs follow their conditions of use and aids Shutterstock and its contributors in maintaining control over their intellectual property.

Watermarks on photographs with Shutterstock’s brand or name serve as marketing tools for licensing opportunities. This promotes brand recognition and encourages prospective clients to buy a license so they may use the picture without the watermark for whatever objective they want.

Before granting licenses to consumers, Shutterstock uses watermarks as a quality control tool to ensure that the photographs published on their website are of a proper resolution. Watermarks ensure that only approved and high-quality photographs are made available for purchase and assist prevent the illicit usage of low-resolution or low-quality images.

Previewing and Sampling Watermarked Images: Before acquiring a license, Shutterstock provides clients with a preview or sample of a watermarked picture. This allows customers to evaluate the image’s appropriateness for their purposes and make an educated choice. Customers may assess possible purchases with comfort and assurance thanks to this.

Overall, Shutterstock employs watermarks as a security mechanism to stop unlawful usage of its photos, promote its brand, ensure the quality of its photographs, and enable prospective consumers to preview and sample images before making a purchase.

Shutterstock Downloader: What is it?

With the use of the web application or service known as Shutterstock Downloader, users may remove the watermarks from Shutterstock photographs before using them in their own projects or for other purposes.

Existing Shutterstock Downloader services enable customers to enter the URL of an image they want to download, and the picture will be instantly watermarked removed and saved to their desktop or another specified place.

The option to download several photos or URLs simultaneously is another feature offered by Shutterstock Downloader services. It is important to be aware that utilizing Shutterstock photos for commercial purposes without the appropriate license or authorization may be against the terms of service and copyright laws.

Therefore, unless you already have the necessary licenses or permits, it is advised to only use downloaded photos for personal and non-commercial purposes.

It’s important to adhere to following basic practices while utilizing Shutterstock downloader programs or other techniques to get free photos without watermarks:

Always check the terms and conditions of Shutterstock as well as any downloading software or technique you employ to be sure they are legitimate and compliant.
Respect the copyright and use rights of downloaded photos by abiding by the restrictions set out in the image licensing agreement provided by Shutterstock.
Online solutions that claim to erase watermarks should be avoided since the quality of the final picture may not always live up to promises.
Before utilizing any downloading tool or technique, make sure it is safe and legal.

Free Shutterstock Photo Downloads No Watermark

Downloading Shutterstock photos without watermarks is possible using a number of tools and techniques. Here are a few well-known examples:

Get 10 FREE Images with a Free Trial of Shutterstock.

With a free 30-day trial, you may download up to 10 pictures without paying a cent from Shutterstock. Follow these simple steps to start your risk-free trial:

Use the code PICK10FREE to earn $10 in credits at checkout or choose “TryFLEX10” to take advantage of Shutterstock’s 10 credits per month yearly subscription!
After completing the purchase procedure, you may begin downloading up to 10 of your preferred photographs without paying any further fees.
Then, without concern, these unwatermarked images may be utilized in creative ventures.
Please be advised that Shutterstock’s FLEX 10 plan, which offers monthly credits to download photos, music, and videos, has taken the place of the free trial plans, which may not be accessible in all locations.
Furthermore, if you decide against continuing with a premium membership, be sure to terminate your free trial before it expires.

From “This Week’s Free Image,” download

During their 30-day free trial period, Shutterstock provides the “This Week’s Free Image” feature, which enables customers to download 10 stock photographs or 1 video, along with four soundtracks and 2 more images, for free.

Download free sets from Shutterstock.

Shutterstock provides a vast database of free stock images, illustrations, vectors, and other visual material for download. There are usually free weekly collections of images from the thousands of contributors on Shutterstock that may be downloaded.

You may get free collections from Shutterstock.

Just visit their website and do a keyword search for a picture or piece of material there, or choose an option from a drop-down menu. You may also save premium stock pictures without watermarks using third-party web services like Shutterstock Downloader.

You may download a picture or piece of material by choosing it, clicking the download button that shows when you hover over it, choosing your preferred plan or choice, and starting the download.

It is important to be aware that Shutterstock reserves the right to change or end free collections or free trials at any moment, so check their website often for the most recent details.

Customers may also reach out to their customer support staff at any time with questions or requests for more explanations.

Free LIP Student Pack

LIP (Lecture in Progress), a free collection from Shutterstock that contains 47 stock pictures for use in academic assignments and personal projects, is available to students. Students must validate their student identity and have an email account and password for Shutterstock in order to access it.

The high-resolution, watermark-free photos in the LIP Free Pack are ideal for a variety of creative jobs. They have the potential to win a MacBook Air by submitting their creative work to Lecture in Progress, too! Additionally, students may get free image downloads from Shutterstock by choosing an image pack, downloading it, and unzipping it anywhere they choose.

How to Download Free Shutterstock Photos for Students is Listed Here:

  • Visit the website for the free Lip Student Pack.
  • The photos will download when you choose “Get it now.”
  • The pictures should be unzipped.
  • Purchase a Subscription Plan to Download Watermarked Images from Shutterstock

A well-known website for stock photos, Shutterstock offers its customers access to a vast collection of photographs, movies, and other types of material for licensing. Depending on the user’s demands and budget, they provide a variety of membership options that allow customers to download photographs without watermarks. The basic procedures to obtaining a subscription plan on Shutterstock are as follows:

Obtain a free account by going to Shutterstock at if you do not already have one.
Look through their collection until you discover the picture or images without a watermark that you want to download.
For further information and licensing choices, click the thumbnail picture.
Select a subscription package based on your requirements.
Shutterstock provides a range of subscriptions with different download restrictions and price choices, including monthly, yearly, and team plans.
To start the subscription process, click “Subscribe” or “Buy Now”.
You will have access to download your chosen image(s) without a watermark after entering your payment information and completing the payment procedure as specified by Shutterstock, subject to the terms and limitations of your chosen subscription plan.
The licensing and use rights for photos obtained from Shutterstock are subject to their terms and conditions, thus it is crucial to go over these policies before using the downloaded images legally.

Downloads per month Downloads each month Annual (prepaid)

  • 10 images: $49, $29, and $25
  • 50 photos: $125, $99, $82,
  • 350 photos cost $199 $169 $137.
  • $249 $199 $167 for 750 photos
  • Get the on-demand packs from Shutterstock.

Users may buy photographs from Shutterstock’s on-demand packs without committing to a membership. These packages are perfect for folks who don’t need a lot of downloads but still want access to Shutterstock’s vast picture collection.

Prices for on-demand packs vary according on their size, which ranges from 5 to 25 photos each pack. The cheapest box, which has 5 photographs, is $49, while the greatest pack, which contains 25 images, is $229 USD.

The photographs may be downloaded from the Shutterstock collection without a watermark and used for original projects thanks to these packs. Users also have the option to buy an extended license with on-demand packs if necessary, giving them flexibility and convenience for those who need certain photos but don’t want to be locked into a subscription plan.

Price Pack size

  • $54 for 5 pictures ($9.80 each)
  • $229 for 25 pictures ($9.16 each)
  • The top free alternatives to Shutterstock where you may obtain unwatermarked pictures

Without appropriate authority or payment, downloading Shutterstock photos is against the law and violates the terms of service. Respecting copyright regulations and safeguarding the intellectual property rights of creators are crucial. Here are some options if you’re looking for legitimate alternatives to Shutterstock for purchasing unwatermarked pictures:

Pexels: Pexels is a well-known, user-driven website for stock photos that provides free pictures taken by skilled photographers. Users may search by color, topic, or photographer in the well-organized picture collections on this portal.

Foter: Over 335 million free stock photographs are available on the website Foter, including over 220 million that may be used commercially. Due to its large collection, it is recognized as one of the greatest alternatives to Shutterstock.

Pixabay: Pixabay is a popular website that offers free high-quality photos, drawings, and vectors that may be used for both private and professional projects. It offers a vast picture collection, giving it a competitive option to Shutterstock.

Unsplash: Unsplash is a well-known website that offers a large, cost-free collection of premium, royalty-free photos. It has a thriving photography community and provides photographs appropriate for a range of applications, including commercial ones.

Shutterstock Free Trial: During the 30-day trial period, customers may get 10 stock photos, 1 video, 4 soundtracks, and 2 more photos for free. It is crucial to keep in mind, however, that any pictures downloaded within this time frame must abide by Shutterstock’s conditions of use and should be utilized as such.

Before uploading photographs to any alternative platform, it is crucial to understand the terms and conditions, licensing agreements, and use limitations in conformity with any relevant laws and regulations. To prevent legal problems, always give due credit to the authors and follow any rules established by the sites.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get free, watermark-free downloads of Shutterstock images?

Free Trial: Shutterstock provides a free trial that enables you to download an unlimited number of photographs without watermarks. Register right now on the Shutterstock website to take advantage of this promotion!

Shutterstock provides affordable membership options with a range of picture download restrictions. You may download an unlimited amount of pictures without watermarks each month with these options.

On-demand Pack from Shutterstock: Shutterstock provides an on-demand pack that enables you to download a certain number of pictures without watermarks. On-demand packs are pre-paid credits for photographs that may be utilized whenever it is necessary to download pictures.

Tools for Removing Watermarks from Shutterstock photos: It’s important to note that although some websites or tools make the claim that they can remove watermarks from Shutterstock photos using AI technology, these techniques may not always be morally or legally acceptable and may even be against Shutterstock’s terms of service. Make sure you aren’t breaking any copyright or license agreements while using such technologies.

Using watermarks allows you to utilize Shutterstock photos for free.

Without a legal license, Shutterstock photographs cannot be used for free with watermarks. They need legitimate permission to remove the watermarks from their photographs since they are a stock photo firm that offers commercial images. Watermarks are intended to protect photos and deter unlawful usage; utilizing watermarked Shutterstock images without a valid license would be a violation of copyright. Although Shutterstock may make watermark-free versions of its pictures accessible via their free trial or other means, you must follow their licensing guidelines and have a current license in order to use its images for any purpose. Legal ramifications might result from using watermarked or improperly licensed Shutterstock photos. Therefore, before utilizing Shutterstock’s photographs for any purpose, it is highly urged that all users follow their licensing policies and get legitimate licenses.

How can the Shutterstock vector be downloaded without a watermark?

Over 70 million royalty-free vector pictures as well as a sizable collection of stock photographs are accessible via Shutterstock. You have two options for downloading Shutterstock vectors without a watermark: use the 30-day free trial to download 10 vectors, or buy an image membership to have access to watermark-free vectors, drawings, and other sorts of files.

How do I get rid of the watermark from Shutterstock?

If you lawfully licensed a Shutterstock picture and got one with a watermark, you should be able to download the unwatermarked version from your account on the Shutterstock website or via any app or program that is compatible with Shutterstock.

It would not be morally or legally acceptable to remove the watermark from a Shutterstock picture if you stumble across one and do not have the proper permission. Without the appropriate permission or authority, sharing or utilizing watermarked photos is against both Shutterstock’s terms of service and copyright law.

It is always advised to ask content providers for the appropriate licenses or rights or to find alternate sources of photos that are watermarked- and copyright-free. Online, there are numerous genuine royalty-free or free stock photos that may be downloaded without removing watermarks or breaking copyright regulations. Always be sure you utilize photos in accordance with the guidelines given by the site hosting the images or the content providers.

Are photos from Shutterstock free?

Typically, Shutterstock photos are not free. A large collection of professional stock photos and vector images is available from Shutterstock for usage in a variety of print and digital media, including websites, social media accounts, advertising, presentations, and much more! You must either buy or subscribe to one of Shutterstock’s plans in order to use their photos lawfully.

Subscription plans and on-demand picture packs are the two price tiers that Shutterstock provides, each of which grants customers increasing degrees of access to its image database. While on-demand picture packs provide consumers a variety of credits that may be spent as required for downloading photographs, subscription options enable users to download a certain amount of images each month at a set cost.

It’s important to remember that even with a subscription or picture pack, you are only getting a limited permission to use the photos as specified in Shutterstock’s terms of service, not the actual images themselves. These pictures are still the property of their original artists and are copyrighted.

How can I get free access to Shutterstock movies without watermarks?

Unfortunately, there isn’t a free method to download Shutterstock videos legally without paying. The only way to accomplish this is to buy a membership. The FLEX25 package is the best deal if you want free Shutterstock videos without watermarks. For personal or professional use, this membership plan offers access to more than 25 million royalty-free images, vectors, and illustrations. Additionally, it offers customers access to all of Shutterstock’s audio content as well as exclusive savings on a number of Shutterstock items.

This package begins at $249.99/year, but if you just use it sometimes, the FLEX10 plan, which grants access to more than 10 million royalty-free images, vectors, and illustrations for only $99.99/year, would be more appropriate. Depending on your needs, there are other options like FLEX20, FLEX40, and FLEX60 available. Whichever option you choose, you will have unrestricted access to Shutterstock’s complete collection of watermark-free images, vectors, and drawings.

Exists a trial period for Shutterstock?

Yes, Shutterstock provides a free, one-year trial of their all-access membership. Your name, email address, and payment details are all that are required to begin the trial, and this assures that it will be renewed automatically when the year commitment expires. This offering is now unavailable in India and cannot be used in conjunction with any other deals, coupons, or discounts. Additionally, at this moment, each individual is only eligible for one free trial.

You will have unrestricted access to the company’s collection of pictures, movies, and music once the free trial period starts. Additionally, you may buy more downloads as required with your membership. Your membership will renew for another year if you decide to keep using it after the free trial period has ended; however, you may elect not to use it at any time during the trial period before it renews.

Can you use photographs from Shutterstock without paying?

Although using Shutterstock photos is free, according to their terms and conditions, doing so necessitates purchasing a license. Rather from requiring royalties for each use or sale, royalty-free material from Shutterstock allows for numerous uses for the same price. The free weekly picture and vector, which may be downloaded without cost, is the sole exception to this restriction. These pictures, however, often have a narrow range and may not be appropriate for many applications. It’s crucial to understand that the license still applies when utilizing Shutterstock pictures for business reasons. If you need clarification on whether a license is required for your planned usage, speak with Shutterstock directly.


With the help of the excellent application Shutterstock Downloader, you may get watermark-free, free downloads of high-quality images and vectors. In order to make it easier for you to find what you need, it also provides you the freedom to choose the resolution, size, or format that you like. Shutterstock Downloader streamlines and expedites the procedure whether you’re a budding photographer looking for pictures for projects or a company owner wanting stock photographs for advertising needs.

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Given that I still have questions, in what course of action should I proceed?

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