15+ Free Rapidgator Premium Accounts May 2023


A high-quality file hosting and sharing service is provided by Rapidgator in May 2023.

Millions of users utilize the service every day to store files of various sizes.

They have servers in high-traffic internet exchange sites.

They may provide the fastest upload and download speeds thanks to this.

The mission of Rapidgator is to continuously enhance its offerings, uphold users’ rights, provide security, and more.

Their staff is made up of experts that provide top-notch service.

A list of free Rapidgator premium accounts with email addresses and passwords may be found in this page.

How to get a free Rapidgator account

Visit Rapidgator’s website to sign up for a free account.

Click “Registration” in the top navigation menu after you’ve arrived at the Rapidgator website.

Enter your password and email address, then confirm it.

Accept the terms and conditions, solve the CAPTCHA, and register to finish the process.

Free Rapidgator accounts have smaller file sizes, longer wait queues, and slower download speeds.

For more features, you may purchase Rapidgator Premium.

Is Rapidgator still free in 2023?

Yes, you may host and distribute files for free with Rapidgator.

They provide file storage, unrestricted download speeds, and user-friendly file storage.

They also provide a file folder link and a user-friendly download manager.

They do, however, have a premium edition with more features.

One TB of bandwidth on a 30-day subscription costs $14.99 USD.

When you purchase a premium subscription, auto-renewal is automatically turned on.

This indicates that your membership will be renewed 24 hours prior to its expiration.

At any moment, you can turn off auto-renewal or cancel your membership.

Free Rapidgator Premium accounts May 2023



The Rapidgator accounts above are on a first-come-first-serve basis.

If you can’t log in to an account, it probably means that someone has changed the password for it.

It could also mean that the account has been deleted.

If an account does not have Rapidgator Premium, it means that the subscription has expired.

New Premium accounts will be added to the table periodically.

Hence, you can bookmark the page and check back later for more free accounts.


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12+ Free TezFiles Premium Accounts May 2023

Servers are used by cloud storage services to host data and documents.

TezFiles, a cloud storage company, offers a decent cloud storage solution.

A variety of features are available on both the free and paid accounts.

TezFiles offers quick uploading and downloading of files.

You will enjoy the greatest experience with file hosting.

TezFiles also makes it simple to share and retrieve your files.

A list of free TezFiles Premium accounts, complete with email addresses and passwords, can be found in this post.

How to get a free TezFiles account in 2023

Visit tezfiles.com and select “Register” to acquire a free TezFiles account.

Once you have hit “Register,” you must create an account.

To do this, enter your email address and password and choose “Sign Up” (you can also sign up with Google).

You may use TezFiles for free after you create a new account.

The download speed, storage, and upload size are all decreased in the free version.

Is TezFiles free?

Although TezFiles is free, there is a paid version available.

TezFiles’ free edition offers a smaller upload size, less storage, and a slower download speed.

The premium version of TezFiles offers greater storage, unlimited video previews, and quicker download speeds.

30 days, 90 days, and 365 days are the available plans.

They have monthly costs of $24.95, $18.32, and $12.50, respectively.

There are several ways to pay, including Bitcoin, VISA, and Mastercard.

Free TezFiles Premium accounts May 2023



Free TezFiles premium accounts are included in the table above.

If you are unable to sign into an account, this indicates that the password has been altered.

If not, someone else could remove the account.

Since the aforementioned accounts are part of a common pool, some users may abuse or misuse them.

The absence of a premium version on an account indicates that the subscription plan for that account has run out.

If so, you could try signing in with a different account (that has TezFiles Premium) or purchasing a membership.

The table will be regularly updated, so bookmark the website and come back later to see if there are any new accounts.


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